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IT Support

For critical issues (see description below), do not submit an issue with this form.
Instead, please call local UVC IT Support by dialing the IT extension on the office phones.  
If no answer, leave a message and then call CGP at: 512.624.2424.

Your name:

Problem Description:


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Critical – Staff cannot do job and there is no work around; Issue results in a significant negative customer experience.  These types of issues should be submitted immediately via phone.   Examples (not exhaustive, there may be others) of critical severity issues:

  • Internet is down (note: you will not be able to use UVC phones in this case)

  • Down, not functioning properly, or no one can access:

    • Credit Card Processing, EyeFinity EHR, Optos, Ring Central, UVC_1 WiFi, Weave

  • Multiple front desk PCs are down

High – Frequently impacts staff’s ability to do job, or has a negative customer experience impact.  There is a workaround, but it is not satisfactory and needs immediate attention.


Medium – Sometimes impacts staff’s ability to do job. Workarounds exists, but there is a better solution. Needs to be fixed but not immediately.


Low – Staff can do job, but correcting this issue would improve performance and/or staff’s user experience.

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